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Owner of KOKUA WORMS, I am Leslie Lam Foster, a fourth generation local girl. A self-proclaimed “recycle-holic”, I’ve been composting my kitchen waste for over 20 years and started my worm habitat from Waikiki Worm Company in 2005. While running a successful in-home child care business and a household of five, I was introduced to vermi-composting as a way to “recycle” the daily load of food scraps with a worm bin, and I’ve never looked back. I saw reducing food scraps from going down the disposal as a way to lessen our household’s burden on the local sewage system.
How can vermicomposting make a difference? Here’s an example:The average family generates four pounds of food waste per week.If 5,000 households fed their food waste to a worm colony...
5,000 households x 4 pounds = 20,000 pounds or 10 tons; 10 tons x 52 weeks = 520 tons of waste will be diverted from Oahu’s waste stream each year.  That’s significant!
We believe it’s our kuleana as thoughtful citizens and island residents to take personal responsibility for better waste management at home, in our schools and workplaces. I have found that my preferred approach of “spreading the word” about my commitment to conservation and environmentalism, is in a relaxed, friend-to-friend atmosphere, through casual, “living the philosophy” education. Now, KOKUA WORMS represents a relaxed setting where customers and inquirers can come in to learn and share knowledge and insights.
Recycle with earthworms! 
Processing organic waste with worms – called VERMICOMPOSTING – transforms waste into a nutrient-rich, odorless, pathogen-free, organic soil amendment that dramatically enhances the health of houseplants, garden plants, fruit trees, landscaping, lawns, and agricultural crops. Worm poop, also called gardeners’ gold or VERMICAST, recycles nutrients back to the soil as nature intended. Vermicast is easily produced and harvested from your own worm bin.

Did you know our worms play an important role in aquaponics systems? Worms process fish waste keeping your plant trays clean of fish waste build up.

Composting “Indian Blue & Red Wiggler” worms:  1/4lb. for $40. *note: sold together and by actual worm weightbedding which often contains eggs & new hatchlings then added to purchase weight.

Care for your yard & Plants with Amynthas Gracilis!
We also care your typical garden variety earthworm- Amynthas Gracilis. These are the worms who live underground aerating your soil and turning organic matter- leaves, grass, compost, etc. into soil castings.  Add Amynthas to your yard, grow bed, even potted plants.  As long as they’ve got organic matter in the soil & the plant life is being watered, they will be happy.

Amynthas Gracilis: $.25 per worm, 

for orders of 100 or more, please call to confirm availability of stock

Learn to worm!
KOKUA WORMS looks forward to introducing more of Hawaii’s homes to vermicomposting with worm habitats and sustaining home gardens with quality products to assure your success.