We sell worms

Recycle with Composting worms!

Processing organic waste with worms – called VERMICOMPOSTING – transforms waste into a nutrient-rich, odorless, pathogen-free, organic soil amendment that dramatically enhances the health of house plants, garden plants, fruit trees, landscaping, lawns, and agricultural crops. Worm poop, also called gardeners’ gold or VERMICAST, recycles nutrients back to the soil as nature intended. Vermicast is easily produced and harvested from your own worm habitat.

Composting “Indian Blue & Red Wiggler” worms:  $10.00/ oz.

*note: sold together and by actual worm weight,

bedding which often contains eggs & new hatchlings then added to purchase weight.

Did you know our worms play an important role in aquaponics systems?  Worms process fish waste solids keeping your grow beds clean of fish waste build up, supplying even more nutrients to your plants.


Care for your yard & Plants with Earthworms!

We also carry your typical garden variety earthworm- Amynthas Gracilis. These are the worms who live underground aerating your soil and turning organic matter- leaves, grass, compost, etc. into soil castings.  Add Amynthas to your yard, grow bed, even potted plants.  Amynthas thrive on organic matter, top soil and moisture.

(Throw some coffee grounds in for an Amynthas treat.)

Amynthas Gracilis: $.25 per worm,

*larger quantities may take multiple orders to fill

Mahalo for buying local! It is illegal to import worms to Hawaii.

When you purchase products from Kokua Worms you are supporting Hawaii’s vermicomposting industry and strengthening our state’s economy.