The Bio Pod

Love those larvae…
If you have cultivated worms for any length of time, you may have had the adventure of discovering an invasion of Black Soldier Fly larvae,  Hermetia illucens. These vigorous decomposers may visit your worm bin when they discover an abundance of decaying organic matter.

While you may not appreciate such aggressive eaters competing with your worm, these larvae have tremendous value as food for talapia, chickens, turtles, and other creatures that benefit from a meal that is 42% protein, 34% fat, high in calcium and other nutrients.

Let us introduce you to the BioPod,  a habitat  especially designed for the cultivation of Black Soldier Fly larvae for fish, bird, and reptile food, and for efficient food waste conversion. We carry a limited supply of the residential unit (pictured) in our store.  Check out the fascinating website (below) and the fun video that details the operation of the bin, and much more  Please visit

BioPod – Regularly $210