Prepare for Spring

15% off Sale items

Hang Out Wooden Wheeled  Package:   $282 (Reg. $310)*

Includes:  Hang Out w/ Wooden Wheeled frame; 1/2lb. worms; 1 Coconut Coir  (15% off frame)

Teacher’s Hang Out Special:   $303.25 (Reg. $335)

Includes: Hang Out; “Worms on Wheels” frame; *1/2lb. worms; “Worms Eat Our Garbage” Curriculum guide; 1 Coconut coir (15% off frame & book)

Bio Pod for Black Soldier Fly Breeding: $169.95 (Reg. 210)

Black Soldier Fly larva are a wonderful source of protein & fat rich food for your grub eating livestock. 

(While Supplies Last)

Book Club:    $36.65 (Reg. $43.00)

2 lbs. of rich, live vermicast, 1  12oz. eCycle Travel Mug, and Choice of 1 Book:

“Teaming with Microbes,”  “Teaming with Nutrients,” “The Earth Moved,” “Worms Eat Our Garbage” Classroom Activities.

Gardener’s potting Pack :   $20.03 (Reg. $23.50)

7.5” x 6.75” Bamboo flower pot w/saucer, plus 2 lbs. of rich, live vermicast, 1 Gal. of Compost Tea, *10 Amynthas gracilis “earth worms,” 1 Coconut Coir

Keiki Gardener’s Pack     $23.80 (Reg. $28.00)

7.5” x 3.5” Bamboo flower bowl w/ saucer; 2 lbs. of rich, live vermicast; *10 Amynthas gracilis “earth worms”; plus a choice of:

One pair of gloves: either Kid’s (xs) or Ducky gloves for toddlers OR

A  Traditional Japanese Garden Wind bell (either a Swallow or a Turtle)

Keiki Sprouts Kit:    $21.25 ($25.00 value)


2 lbs. of rich, live vermicast; 1 “50 pot” pack of peat moss seed starter pots;

5 wooden plant markers; 1 terra-cotta “worm” water sensor;

1 pair of Keiki or Toddler Garden gloves