Compost Tea
Whether you purchase vermicast from Kokua Worms or produce your own vermicast, you can make a little go a long way by making an aqueous extract – a compost or vermicast “tea.” Using the liquid as a soil drench or foliar spray makes application to large areas easy.Please visit their website at for detailed information. Kokua Worms stocks the 10-gallon tea brewer, which is ideal for the small commercial grower. Compost Tea System10 – $549 plus tax
Click here to download spec sheet We also stock Growing Solutions Compost Tea Catalyst:
15 oz. container – $24.95:
4.5 lb. container – $59.95:
9 lb. container – $109.95:  
Want to have us make our rich compost tea for you?  That’s easy, we sell freshly brewed tea @ $5/gallon.  The tea is concentrated, so a little goes a long way.  Email us and we will put you on our e-blast list for upcoming batches of tea.