Worm Systems

Green Revolution starts right in your own home! When you choose to vermicompost, you reduce the amount of material that enters the waste-stream, recycling household organic garbage to rich, non-polluting vermicast that will enrich the soil. On-site waste management reduces your carbon footprint and saves tax-payer dollars reducing the amount of waste to be processed by commercial facilities. Vermicomposting is an efficient and cost effective approach to waste reduction on a small scale. EVERYONE with a couple of square feet of shaded space, own or rent, indoors or out, young or old, can own a worm habitat.

Kokua Worms recommends three different types of home worm composting systems to fit a variety of needs for capacity, available space, interaction with the actual bin critters (harvesting vermicast), aesthetics, and cost.  These home-sized bins are also excellent for classroom and office use.


Basic Box Bin
Simple, inexpensive, easy, and fun! more
The Worm Inn
Innovative hanging worm hale is a joy to manage and harvest.more
Stacking Tray Systems
Classic stacking tray system is popular worldwide. moreReln Garden Worm Cafe Bins


Kokua Worms recommends larger horizontal worm composting systems to fit needs of higher capacity beyond the average household food waste.  Let’s discuss your project!