Worm cafe

Kokua Worms is proud to be Hawaii’s top distributor of the “Worm Cafe” vermicomposting system. Manufactured in Australia from 100% recycled plastic, we consider it to be, by far the best of the many stacking tray worm bins on the worldwide market.

The “Worm Cafe” features:

• Innovative stacking 3 tray system
• Comfortable home for thousands of worms
• At full capacity it can process 2-3 pounds of scraps a day
• Ventilation reduces flies and roaches, as long as bedding is plentiful
• Easy to assemble – 22″ D x 15″ W x  30″ H
• Easy access, sturdy catchment base to easily collect and drain “leachate” (excess liquid)

• Effortless harvesting

This clean and appealing Worm Cafe will make you proud to show your friends what YOU are doing for Hawaii!  The Worm Cafe houses worms in over 400,000 homes, schools, and offices around the world. Since 1994, Worm Cafe colonies have diverted hundreds of thousands tons of food and other household organic waste from landfills and converted it into valuable vermicast.

Place the Worm Cafe in a sheltered, cool spot, either indoors or outdoors. There is no odor to attract rats, insects, or the interest of household pets.

Here’s how it works, Start your vermicomposting system by bedding the worms in the first working tray. After two months of regular feeding (suggested 2-3x per week), hold off feeding for 1 week then place the second tray on top.  Add new bedding, food and new cover layer.  The worms migrate up through the mesh bottom to reach new food. After two months of regular feeding into this 2nd tray, place the third tray on top, setting it up & feeding as you did the other trays. When all three working trays are filled, harvest the vermicast from the bottom tray by placing it on top of the current “3rd” tray encouraging any worms left in that tray to migrate to where the food is.  Next, set up this “new” tray and feed.  As the worms eat your garbage, the contents of each tray becomes vermicast.

It takes 6+ months to complete one cycle and double your worm population, if you start with the manufacturers’ recommendation of one pound – about 1,600 – worms. Regular, feeding, watering, and maintaining shredded paper cover will allow your happy worm colony to produce a full tray of dark, rich castings approximately every two months.

Worm Cafe Package

  •  Worm Cafe worm bin
  • One pound Perionyx excavatus/Eisenia fetida composting worm
  • Coir fiber brick
  • “Worms Eat My Garbage:” book
  • Bag of Shred

$360 (plus tax)

The Worm Cafe WITHOUT the worms! Move your growing colony up to true worm luxury. Same instructions, and support.
$198 (plus tax)

Think global, buy LOCAL
When you purchase your Worm Cafe from Kokua Worms, you are supporting HAWAII’S vermicomposting industry. Mahalo!

Set Up, Management & Maintenance handout tailored to Hawaii’s conditions given with each worm purchase.