Additional Parking

Due to a new tenant in the building, our limited parking has become more of an issue.  I encourage customers to park in the small lot on the Makai side of Queen St.  If you block someone in, please leave my ph. number on your dashboard.  You may block in my gray Prius.

Meet our mascots

Pua and Ai Nui

Take a workshop at our store

Go to our Events Registration page to register for a workshop to build your confidence in becoming a new worm habitat parent.

Worms can save the world!

Composting worms help to reduce our waste stream by turning our food scraps into beautiful “black gold” vermicast. Vemicast and the liquid “leachate” give your greenery healthy and natural minerals, nutrients and live organisms.  Whether you are caring for a yard all the way down to a potted herb, any plant life will love your… [Continue Reading]